Saturday, July 28, 2007

Christmas in July

My Team!


Head Coach & Team Mom

An afternoon storm blowing up.

Playing on the zip line!

Hail in the ground & fog in the forrest.

Hop on the"Mexican Train"!

Get all the roots RB!

QB is holding down the load & CL is teaching PaPa to drive!

While on vacation, I try to take the pictures I will send out in our Christmas cards. We are not dressed in our holiday finest, but I love the mountain background. We did have a preview of the weather to come with a second "BIG" hail storm. It looked like snow on the ground! The kids have really enjoyed the zip line PaPa installed last year. Unfortunately, QB is too big to ride on it anymore. Our last days there we helped PaPa with landscaping. We pulled up what looked like small pine shrubs. Once we started pulling the shrubs seemed to keep growing. One shrub would take 2 loads to cart away. On our last night we had a big bonfire to burn off some of the debris. We hardly put a dent in the brush pile, it will take a few more fires to finally clean it all up. Much thanks to NaNa & PaPa for letting us have such a great vacation home.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

More New Mexico

Sitting around the campfire, getting ready to roast marshmallows!YUMMMMM!

Mommy makes them just the right way!
Relaxing under the pine trees!
We love hiking in the woods!

Runningback riding Latigo.

Quarterback riding Sandy.

Daddy & Cheerleader on Dusty.

Ready - Aim- FIRE!!!!!

Anything by brothers can do, I can do better!

This year our main plan on vacation was to relax and have fun. The kids got an extra treat, we went horseback riding! QB's horse was Sandy, RB's horse was Latigo, Daddy & CL had Dusty & I rode Cinnamon. The ride through the mountains was beautiful and eventful. A tree had fallen over the path the first 2 horses crossed with no problem yet QB's horse was small. The horse started to stumble and jump. It backed into RB's horse and mine and pushed us down the steep path. QB fell off the horse but was uninjured. I did not see him fall and felt totally useless to help because I was trying to stay on my own horse! In all we had a great day and the kids are looking forward to doing it all again!
Our other favorite past time is target shooting. The boys both have their own B-B and pellet guns. This year CL wanted to shoot their guns and she was quite adamant about doing it by herself! Head Coach and I are big sticklers about gun safety. We both have been around them since childhood and are trying to teach the kids respect and good aim! On a trip into town, all CL wanted was her own gun. Well for $4.00, she now has her own double barrel shot gun, and she is quite a good shot!

Friday, July 13, 2007

A Cold 4th!

A walk in the woods our first day in the mountains.
A heated game of horse shoes in the meadow.

A hike on the 4th early in the day.

Sleet & hail later in the evening on the 4th!

We are back! It was great being out of the heat, yet we did not escape the rain. New Mexico is having a record spring & summer, it is its wettest ever! The temp was 75 for a high and 40 for the low with a little to a lot of rain each day, the low was on July 4th! On the 4th, we were invited to a neighbors house for a party, while there it hailed 2 inches in 45 min. The sky cleared just in time for a beautiful fireworks display over the lake. I will post more pics over the next few days.

I Believe I Can Fly
By R. Kelly