Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Desheng Darling & Doodlebug!!!!

This was taken just after Doodlebug joined her new family. Mommy Darling said there was a lot of crying from Doodlebug, but big sister Desheng Darling was sure happy to finally be with her sister!
MD made these matching dresses for the girls, they are so cute!

The "Official Family Portrait". This is from the Chinese adoption documents saying DB is now a member of the Darling family. They are truly a "Darling Family"!

This is a post about our friends the Desheng Darling family. They have finally been united with their newest daughter Doodlebug! She is a precious 2 yr old from China. She has not smiled for them yet, but as you can tell, older sister DD has enough for both of them. I am sure that in a few days there will be smiled all around. We cannot wait to see her for ourselves and welcome her into our group of "Chopstick Chicks"!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Zale Party 2007!

Molly, Margaret, TaeSoon & Kelly
Trying to stay cool

Mark, are all the kids yours?

Jenni & Reiner

How high did you want to go Marion?

I think this is why Mark said his back hurt, Kory is half his size!

Molly, I thought you had only 2 kids?

Josh & Lilly , too cute!

Zenobia with Mr. & Miss Brown

Hill, Katie & Ethan

TaeSoon & her crew!

If you look close, there is not one adult in the pool with the kids! What were we thinking!

Sorry this post has taken a while to come up, it has been a crazy weekend! It was a HOT day but I believe that fun was had by all! I hope the "prunie"fingers & toes on the kids are back to normal by now. It was great to see old friends and get to put faces with names & voices I have known for so many years. We missed those who were unable to come. We cant wait for next year!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dragon Lady!

Well, this week has been a busy one. The boys have been attending SWAM Camp, it is a Christian music camp with an emphases on missions. They attended last year and loved it! I was looking forward to spending time with Cheerleader, going with our play group to meet new Chinese friends and having fun running around town. My plans were foiled by a persistent cough I have had for the past month. I finally went to the Dr. and after 2 breathing treatments and 2 X-rays, he told me I had R.A.D. Respiratory Airway Disease. It is related to asthma triggered by an allergy or environmental air. It causes loss of air flow in the lungs and a persistent dry cough. My cough sounds like I am a 30 year smoker! I was told to stay in as much as possible, that the humidity and high temps help to restrict the lungs and airflow. Bummer! I had plans, things to do! Places to go! People to meet!

I have been productive. My neighbors gave us some peaches and I mixed them with the blueberries we picked a few weeks ago and make a pie/cobbler. It was SUPER if I do say so myself! Just a note about the 1st pic. Cheerleader took it while I was taking the breathing treatment in the Dr. office. She said I looked like a dragon with smoke coming out of my mouth. It is the only time I have ever smoked! She took a pretty good pic!

I Believe I Can Fly
By R. Kelly