Sunday, December 24, 2006

Amy's Wedding!

Sat. night the "Team" attended a beautiful wedding. It was for a girl who grew up living next to us in Grand Prairie. I had been her & sisters babysitter for many years, our parents were best friends and her Dad was my Doctor, Dr. Jim. The service was at the Highland Park First Presbyterian Church. It was HUGE. I have never seen so many poinsettias in one place! The bride was beautiful in ivory & the attendants in strapless black. The minister spoke of covenant love, true love. The reception was held at the Crescent hotel in downtown. I truly believe that my sister and I have had the most beautiful, meaningful, and fun weddings ever, but this event is 3rd in line! The hotel was decorated to the "NINES" for the holiday, beautiful trees and archways everywhere! There was even a sugar tree, everything made out of sugar. the angels, bells, ribbons, presents, even the tree itself! We started off with a cocktail hour being entertained by a string quartet, then on to a ballroom for dancing with a live jazz band, the singer was awesome! Finally a 3rd room was opened for a cheese & dessert buffet, then the cake was cut. We ate, we danced, we had a ball! Runningback found out that he loves dancing! He danced with all the girls in the family, the Bride and even joined in on the conga line! Cheerleader enjoyed the dancing as well, I think it was the band she was most interested in though. We thank Amy & Craig for having us share in beginning their new life together!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Forney Christmas 2006!

Granny & Cheerleader

Granny & Aunt Chick

Cousin "A" & Cheerleader

QB, RB, CL & cousins Austin & Aubrey

Cheerleader playing Mary Deans organ

My Granny & Paw Paw


My Mom & Dad, Sister-Aunt Chick, Uncle Donny & Aubrey caroling at Uncle James & Aunt Jo's.

Uncle James & Aunt Jo and his paintings.

Thursday we traveled to Forney to celebrate with my Grandparents, Granny & PawPaw. When I was growing up we went there on Christmas Eve. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas in their house. But as families grow the date has been moved back a bit, but not the fun! I have always thought my Grandparents "hung the moon" and am thankfull that my kids do too. We are so fortunate that they have both sets of Grandparents and 3 Great Grandparents! After lunch, we exchanged gifts and sang carols. A while later the women gathered in one room: talking about family, the men in another: talking politics and all the kids playing outside. In the evening we went to visit my Grandmothers brother, Uncle James & Aunt Jo. My Uncle James is a very artistic man. He has been painting for many years and finally this year I got up enough nerve & I asked to buy a painting. He would have nothing of it and gave me two! I come from a long line of artists, but did I get any of that talent? NO!! I even have a famous painter in the family, Otis Dozier. His paintings hang in the Dallas Museaum of Art in the Texas section. He even painted murals in some of the downtown buildings in Dallas. Now I can say I own an original Dozier, a James Dozier that is!

Brown Eyed Girls!!

Just a few pics of the Chop Stick Chicks decorating cookies at Panda Girls house. We all had such a great time, the best was eating the cookies! A super big thanks to Panda Mom! All the girls wore their "Everybody Loves A Brown Eyed Girl" shirts! We love doing the "matching" thing.

Miracle On Main Street

I am a few days behind on our posts but I did not want to leave this out. Last Sunday the boys were in our church childrens program, QB played a rich man who showed he was a Christian through his wealth. RB was a child who wanted to put on the Manger scene in the town square. they both did so well. I was a proud Mom!!!! What I am most proud of is that they both know the real "Reason for the Season". Check out the toddler manger scene, she is Chinese! Out friend Libby played Mary, Cheerleader would not sit still long enough so Libby got the part.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Southland Party !

Another Southland party come & gone. This year was a bit different. We had a great BBQ dinner at Spring Creek, followed up with bowling! I miss seeing everyone at work but I would not give up my work at home for anything. Each year there seem to be less & less people I know and the same can be said for them knowing me and why I am there. One person missing this year was my Uncle Rod, nothing was said about his absence, but you could tell it was on a few peoples minds. He was such a fun person to be around at parties, that is where he was really in is element, making people happy. My "Team" & I really had a good time, the bowling helped to keep everyone together instead of people doing their own thing. One thing was found out for sure, I was NOT cut out for bowling. I put a new low on the scoreboard, a 26! At least the kids can officially say they are better at something than me! We had a great time, and cannot wait until next year!

Last Day of School!!

Runningback had a party on his last day of school. The kids had a big brunch, exchanged ornaments and did several crafts. At one point all the kids were really quite doing their craft and listening to carols on the radio. All at once, all the kids started singing along with the music! The parents started laughing and started singing as well, what Christmas joy!

Musical Christmas!

I am so proud of Quarterback! He had his first band concert, and I was blown out of my seat! Who knew that 6th graders could sound so good! I have been to plenty of band concerts in my time. I played oboe for 6 years beginning in the 7th grade. I knew he had been practicing very hard and it was obvious that the others had too. They had only practiced as a group twice. The rest of the time they have class in their sections. QB's section is called the Saxsoons,(sax & bassoons). The 7th & 8th grade bands also performed and played their socks off! I am definitely buying the event cd. It will bring back sweet Christmas memories for years to come!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ballet Christmas

Today at dance class, the girls had their Christmas party. They are so cute with their little pink legs & pink shoes! Their teacher Miss "R" is sooo patient and kind! Some days I wonder how much she is really learning and then she will come home & that is all she talks about. Catching the sun & putting it on their toes, walking on "tip-toes". She will be so cute in her recital costume, a real ballerina!

I Believe I Can Fly
By R. Kelly