Wednesday, March 11, 2009

B-Ball Boys!

Runningback has really turned in to a defensive player!
He can really make those feet fly! Get ready for Junior High track!

Who knew that Quarterback could jump that high! I thought "White Men Can't Jump"!

Is my son a ball player or a horse. He did get 2 free throws for being fouled on the shot! I am just glad I caught it on film!

The boys have booth been playing basketball this season. Running back for the local youth team, and Quarterback for his 8th grade team and a select team called "Hustluz". They both have become great defenders! Basketball is a sport I became interested in while at TCU, when our team went to the "Sweet 16". No one in our families has ever been involved in the sport, so it was a suprise that the boys have done so well. In the last post, I talked Cheerleaders' attitude about the game. Truely she really enjoys going to the games as well as practices. During practices, she gets to show off her own skills. She can dribble better than most of the 5th grade boys! The only trouble is getting the ball in the basket, too high! She can be on her own team starting in the 3rd grade.
The locat and school ball season is finished now, RB's team came in 4th in the playoffs. We really to not want to mention how well QB's team did. Now the season for the select team is gearing up. The Hustluz are a great team and have won 2 district tournaments in Oak Cliff and Grand Prairie. They came in 3rd in a tournament at UTA in February. It will be keeping us busy all throught the summer!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Yea! Basketball!

Cheerleader actually likes going to her brothers basketball games, she was just creative with her McDonalds box! Quarterbacks' school games are over now, but his select games will go on through the summer. Running Backs' team is still playing for a few weeks, I will post pics of them later. I know It has been a while, but between work and the kids activities, there is just not much time for my fun stuff. For those of you who keep checking in "Thanks"! I will try to be better at keeping up with the site. Love & prayers to all!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!!!

I know it has been a while since the last post, but I have been pretty busy! The boys kept us busy with basketball and still busy with select basketball. Cheerleader has a great year at dance. She and Snowbunny were the best in their class! The biggest change, and the reason for not posting is I went back to work! I am a special education paraprofessional at an elementary school. It has been a big adjustment to our family and my body, but we got through it. On a bad note, on the last day of school, I slipped in the hall in a puddle of water and injured by knee. So I have spent the summer on crutches. Dealing with workers comp has not been fun, it is wait, wait, wait. I will post pics to catch everyone up a bit at a time.

Have a Great Summer!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Playgroup Christmas 2007!

Once again we had a wonderful Christmas party hosted by the Warming Hut! This year we had a new addition, "Doodle Bug"! From left to right the girls are: Panda Girl - Deshing Darling - Spicy Girl - Cheerleader - Snow Bunny - and Doodle Bug. The girls had a great time handing out and opening up their gifts to each other. The fancy dresses stayed on long enough for pictures and the gift exchange then it was on to play clothes for lunch. I love our time with our friends and cannot wait to see everyone after the holidays to catch up.
Make sure you click on the play button on the last pic. The girls sang Jingle Bells and it is the absolute best I have ever heard! I really like Deshing Darlings ending!
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all!

Team Mom & Cheerleader

Ski Patrol and Snow Bunny

Doodle Bug , Mommy Darling & Deshing Darling

Spicy Girl & Spicy Mom

Panda Mom & Panda Girl

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Something Strange Going On?

As some may have noticed, there are blank spaces at the top of my posts. I have no idea why it is happening. When I go in to edit the post a blank space appears that I cannot delete. It is driving me crazy! If anyone knows why this is happening, please, please let me know.

Cookie Tradition 2007!!

The kids showing off their Nativity scene.

Cheerleader was our families best decorator!

Everyone having fun!

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in the manger. Three wise men on the left, 2 shepherds & 3 sheep on the right. Three camels, 3 cows & 2 donkeys in the middle.

A wonderful blessing was brought to us 4 years ago. The "W" family moved in across the street and brought with them the neighborhood cookie decorating event! Each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving we all gather in their garage to decorate tons of cookies in every holiday shape imaginable. This year each family had their own nativity scene to decorate. When they were all finished, "Mr. W." read the Christmas Story aloud from the bible. As the story was being told, the kids placed their cookies on a table to display the Nativity. It was a great way to kick off the season with friends and family to celebrate the "Reason for the Season"! Head Coach was just as excited about the day as the kids, he mentioned that he hopes this tradition lasts for years to come! I agree! Thank you "W" family for bring us this wonderful Christmas tradition! Love to all!
P.S. Another thank you to the "W" family for letting me copy pics from their camera because mine gave up last week. I know what I will be asking Santa for this year!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Princess Tea Party!

Yesterday we had Cheerleaders 4th birthday party. The theme was a Princess Tea Party! Everything was princess & pink! All of our playgroup friends came dressed as princesses. All the girls put their own make-up on and painted their finger nails! They all looked beautiful! I made a pink castle cake covered with candy. What started out as a giant pink monstrosity ended up being our princesses dream! The girls ate lunch while watching Cinderella as the moms took a breather. Nana made each of the girls beautiful monogrammed tea cups as party favors. Memaw came with princess favors as well. We are so blessed to have each of them in our family. I must confess I did not get a single pic of either of them the whole day! Cheerleader had a royal good time. We hope to have everyone back to the "palace" very soon! A thank you to everyone who came to celebrate this wonderful day with us!

I Believe I Can Fly
By R. Kelly