Thursday, January 25, 2007

Up Off The Floor!

Well it finally happened, I am getting the floor of my dreams! I have asked for a slate floor for the past 6 years. When we moved in we ordered the cheapest carpet & linoleum they make thinking that someday we would have Head Coaches brother lay the "good stuff". The day is now here & I am overwhelmed! Everything in the living room in now in my kitchen and it will be that way for a week. Uncle J has to do an area at a time so we can have someway to get to the bedrooms & kitchen. Next week he will start on the kitchen, darn, no cooking! I catch myself standing in the middle of the floor, lost in the beautiful patterns on each tile. God made some beautiful rock for me to walk on!
Empty living room with grid laid out.

Be carefull Cheerleader, you could get lost in the kitchen! She was a great supervisor!

Laundry Day!

Head Coach even helped out!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

*******SNOW DAY********

Tell me, how do you really feel about a day off of school?
How do you like RB's cool ski hat?!?!?!?!? He wears it like a pro on the slopes!!!!

CL enjoyed been pulled around on her "beach" boogie board!

What a way to wake up! I had just woke up the boys when I turned on the T.V., I have to watch the news, when the weather man said that most schools were closed for the day. Sure enough, our town flashed up on the screen, the boys let out a giant WHOOP! They actually headed back to bed since it was 5:45 in the morning & dark outside. At 9:00 sharp the doorbell & phone started ringing, their friends wanted to play in the snow! I am beginning to wonder where we live. The weather had been more like the mountains than hot Texas. Yet this is Texas, and if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 min. and it will change. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I would much rather be cold than hot. I have worn more sweaters & sweatshirts in the past 2 weeks than the past 2 years combined!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


It is basketball season once again! Both boys are playing this year, QB for his 4th year & RB for his 3rd. With 2 practices & 1 game each week for each of them, Head Coach & I are kept quite busy. Cheerleader just does not understand why she cannot play! I have tried getting some good pictures at the games, they have not turned out, but I will keep trying. Stay Tuned!

Christmas at NaNa & PaPa's!!

PawPaw & Quarterback

MaMa Chick & A

Head Coach & Cheerleader

CL had a big day!

Runningback is so handsome!

QB is too cool for school!

Mr. Jim & Aunt Alala

Aunt Kayke & Uncle Ken

NaNa & CL

No One loses to Anut Kayke!

Kayke & NaNa!

This was such a wonderful day, family & friends, all together to celebrate His day! I truly believe pictures say more than words so I hope you understand why this is so short. Love to all!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Christmas Day!

WOW! Santa was good to the "Team" this year. I love watching the excitement of Christmas morning in my children's faces. Did Santa eat all of his goodies? How about Rudolph's carrot? There were not many pictures taken, I was busy getting the action with the movie camera.

The kids take turns unwrapping their presents, watching what each has received. The fun lasts longer that way. After everything was unwrapped, played with & tried on, we tidied up & went to NaNa & PaPa's house for more Fun!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve is spent with Head Coaches side of the family. Memaw always cooks enough food to feed an army, which we are, and plenty for everyone to take home. It is fun getting to see HC two brothers and their families. There are cousins ranging in age from 33 to 3, Cheerleader is 4 days older than the youngest. The kids had a great time and got way too many presents. The adults did a gift exchange where we passed to the right or the left according to a story. You would think adults would know their
right from their left, I was HARD! Can't wait till next year!

CL & Kylie MeMaw

Friends Leon, Joleen, Brad & Brent
Brothers Terry & Johnny

Monday, January 1, 2007

40! 40! 40! 40! 40! 40! 40! 40! 40! 40! 40!

Yes, this past Friday I turned 40! I have not stressed out about it like I thought I would, maybe it will kick in later. Head Coach had to work, the boys went to a Stars game with their Uncle, so my Sister & I took our girls & went to dinner. The weather was definitely against us. We got totally soaked on the way into the restaurant. Dinner was great & thankfully no one told the waitstaff that it was my birthday. My Mother had called from New Mex. to sing me Happy Birthday and that I was getting "OLD", but I had to remind her that she was the mother of a 40 year old. She laughed but quit saying I was old. The past few days I have been thinking about this "Monumental" day in my life. Some people have lists of what they want to do before their 40th. I have been blessed to do many things, travel through Europe, climb the Great Wall, have 3 great kids. I believe my list is going to be the things I want to accomplish to improve myself. Learn a new language, reach out to others, etc. Looking back on my life, there is nothing I would change about it. There are things I wish had turned out differently, some things I wish I had not said or done, but I have learned from my mistakes & accomplishments. WOW, look what I have done in 40 years, just think what I can do with the next 40, 50, 60!


Christmas has come & gone once again. I took many great pictures of family & friends but you will have to wait to see them. I left my camera at my parents house on Christmas day. Now they are at our vacation home in New Mexico. I could have gone over to get it, but I have felt really bad this past week & have not left the house if I did not have to. On Christmas Eve we went to Head Coach's parents house. Memaw & Pop have their house decorated to the nines inside & out. Out "Team" had a great time seeing cousins and unwrapping presents. Head Coach had to work again this year so the kids had to wait until he came home Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought to them. Cheerleader understood the concept of unwrapping this year, she had a blast! On to my parents for lunch and more PRESENTS! We all had a wonderful time with family. We have been truly blessed by our family & friends. Our children know they are unconditionally loved by everyone around them. I thank Him for that for He is the Reason for the Season!

I Believe I Can Fly
By R. Kelly