Wednesday, March 11, 2009

B-Ball Boys!

Runningback has really turned in to a defensive player!
He can really make those feet fly! Get ready for Junior High track!

Who knew that Quarterback could jump that high! I thought "White Men Can't Jump"!

Is my son a ball player or a horse. He did get 2 free throws for being fouled on the shot! I am just glad I caught it on film!

The boys have booth been playing basketball this season. Running back for the local youth team, and Quarterback for his 8th grade team and a select team called "Hustluz". They both have become great defenders! Basketball is a sport I became interested in while at TCU, when our team went to the "Sweet 16". No one in our families has ever been involved in the sport, so it was a suprise that the boys have done so well. In the last post, I talked Cheerleaders' attitude about the game. Truely she really enjoys going to the games as well as practices. During practices, she gets to show off her own skills. She can dribble better than most of the 5th grade boys! The only trouble is getting the ball in the basket, too high! She can be on her own team starting in the 3rd grade.
The locat and school ball season is finished now, RB's team came in 4th in the playoffs. We really to not want to mention how well QB's team did. Now the season for the select team is gearing up. The Hustluz are a great team and have won 2 district tournaments in Oak Cliff and Grand Prairie. They came in 3rd in a tournament at UTA in February. It will be keeping us busy all throught the summer!

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